Social involvement

Trustlink is committed to the social and moral imperatives of broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE). We firmly believe that South Africa can only realise significant economic benefits with the full participation and access by all its citizens in the economy.  We have therefore developed our own social investment initiatives.


Through its Simasonke programme, Trustlink drives a number of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the community around them.

“Our belief in a strong value system, as reflected in our Code of Conduct, extends to how we engage in our CSI activities. TeenActiv is our flagship programme that focuses on building strong shared values among the youth and actively building their self-esteem. In order to do this we have to engage both the teachers and the students.”

Teenactiv provides our staff an opportunity to participate in our CSI initiatives. The aim of Teenactiv is the development of life skills – thereby laying the foundation for a better future for the youth.


TeenActiv ( is an online resources centre that provides teachers with access to resources that can be used in the classroom for life orientation (LO) studies. The programme is designed in line with the school’s life orientation curriculum and focuses on health, fitness, career, citizenship and nutrition.

Trustlink gets involved by providing financial support by way of sponsorship for TeenActiv, and extending the support network for the schools in terms of resources that they can draw from for support. For example, for career days, we call on our business partners to support our initiatives thus providing the school with a wider base of careers to showcase in their schools.

Trustlink also facilitates the up skilling of teachers’ computer skills.

Six schools in the Pretoria region are currently being sponsored by Trustlink to belong to the TeenActiv program.