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Cellular Solution

Trustlink strives to provide optimal value to our customers. By building longterm professional relationships, with our client, we get to understand their environment, its challenges and requirements and so are able to to assist them to meet their demands. The nature of our products and solutions are critical components to our customers business practices and infrastructure, firmly entrenching us as a value added service provider.

An example of this would be a file processing system Trustlink designed and implemented for a leading cellular provider in South Africa with 50 million active subscribers in Africa. This system, designed using the IBM Sterling Integrator product as a platform, allows the customer to collect at least one million files a day from producers, and deliver at least two million files a day to consumers. The platform also enables the client to process 80% of files within one hour from receipt of file and to collect from more than 400 producers and to deliver to more than 500 consumers. This system moves data files totalling 2.1TB per day and has to cater for a database growth of 600GB per day.

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