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Trustlink is an IBM Premier Business Partner, Authorised Software Value Plus for B2B Integration and provides IBM’s Sterling solutions to help organizations overcome their most complex process integration and business partner collaboration issues. IBM’s Sterling integration technology ensures that all transactions are accurate, secure, traceable and compliant with industry and government regulations. Trustlink provides the following products:

IBM® Sterling Managed File Transfer

IBM® Sterling Managed File Transfer enables enterprises to manage and control the critical information flows that run their dynamic business networks. Through seamless, reliable and secure data delivery you can improve business performance, reduce IT complexity, support growth and reduce your risk.

IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct®

Sterling Connect:Direct is the point-to-point file transfer software optimized for high-volume, secure, assured delivery of files within and among enterprises. Sterling Connect:Direct can deliver your files with:

  • Predictability – Assures delivery via automated scheduling, checkpoint restart, and automatic recovery/retry
  • Security – Ensures that your customer information stays private, and that your file transfers are auditable for regulatory compliance via a proprietary protocol, authorization, and encryption (FIPS 140-2, and Common Criteria certified)
  • Performance – Handles your most demanding loads, from high volumes of small files to multi-gigabyte files

IBM® WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition

WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition is a managed file transfer capability for MQ to transfer files across platforms and networks.Edge Gateway. WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition provides a reliable managed file transfer solution for moving files – regardless of their size – between IT systems.

  • Leverages existing messaging infrastructure for universal service delivery including: messages, files and events.
  • Provides end-to-end audit trail across file transfers
  • Facilitates a secure and reliable Managed File Transfer environment across IBM Connect: Direct and WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition endpoints
  • Reliable transfer of file data between internal systems and B2B gateway
  • Enables applications to use Web APIs to move files (e.g. Office productivity tools, CAD Programs)
  • Modernizes batch-oriented architecture into micro-batches with simple messaging conversion

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IBM® Sterling File Gateway

A SOA based solution which allows you to incorporate your file transfer communities into all your business processes and incorporates Web-based interfaces for customer self-services and rapid on boarding. IBM Sterling File Gateway consolidates disparate centres of file transfer activity, and facilitates the secure exchange of file-based data.

  • A single, secure solution for “Edge” based file transfer—Handles large files and high volumes in any format, any protocol, and any number of external connections
  • Onboarding Wizard and reusable templates – Expedites trading partner setup to accelerate time-to-revenue
  • Enhanced security and risk management—Offers secure protocols, encryption methods, certificate types, digital signatures, and identity management tools to ensure data integrity.
  • DMZ based security is available via IBM Secure Proxy.
  • Visibility and self-service for better management—Leads to better decision making, faster response, and more satisfied customers and business partners

IBM® QuickFile™

IBM QuickFile is a software solution that enables business users to securely and reliably exchange files—regardless of size—inside or outside their organizations. QuickFile extends the reliability, security and governance of IBM’s market-leading Managed File Transfer portfolio to person-to-person file transfers. IBM QuickFile can:

  • Apply managed file transfer security and governance policies to person-to-person file transfers
  • Enable business users to transfer large files without IT support
  • Reduce the costs associated with person-to-person file transfers

IBM® Sterling Secure Proxy

IBM Secure Proxy is a demilitarized zone (DMZ)-based application proxy that protects your file transfers from the public Internet, by enforcing tight controls including trading-partner authorization, multi-factor authentication and session break, before the transfer ever enters your trusted zone.


IBM Secure Proxy:

  • Resides in the demilitarized zone (DMZ)
  • Supports IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct®, IBM® Sterling Connect Express® and IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator servers
  • Support for multiple DMZ environments
  • Supports FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH/SFTP, PeSIT and Sterling Connect:Direct protocols
  • Supports use of a FIPS 140-2 compliant data encryption module
  • SSL session breaks and multi-factor authentication – Help guard against unauthorized access and reduce data vulnerability to protect your brand
  • Leverages the Internet – Lower your file transfer costs and grow your file transfer community while securing the data and access to your trusted zone
  • Firewall navigation best practices – Increases perimeter security for your file transfer infrastructure to comply with regulatory policies and pass tougher security audits
  • Self-service logon portal – Provides self-service password management for trading partners reducing the dependency on IT staff.

IBM B2B Gateways & Transformation Engines

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator enables the secure integration of complex B2B processes with diverse partner communities.


Companies are increasingly faced with ever more complex B2B integration challenges across ever more diverse partner communities. Sterling B2B Integrator provides a single, flexible B2B gateway that enables companies to solve all of their B2B integration needs. Sterling B2B Integrator can:

  • Boost visibility into and across your supply and demand chains
  • Integrate your B2B communications between your systems and diverse partner communities
  • Streamline business processes across your enterprise boundaries
  • Connect to all of your business partners, despite differences in size, geography or choice of technology