Solving the problem of secure inter and intra-organisational data transfer

Enterprises have traditionally focused on improving internal operations and cost-efficiencies. While the implementation of internal systems has led to improved systems’ integrity, automated and integrated business processes and application systems, scant attention has been given to the integration of business processes and systems across enterprises. Yet all organisations do engage with external customers, trading partners and suppliers. The challenges facing organisations are to extend the benefits derived from their integrated systems to beyond the boundaries of the organisation.

Trustlink’s DATAtransfer solution is designed to address these scenarios. The DATAtransfer solution provides both a secure data exchange service (data hub) for the exchange of data between entities, as well as specialised solutions for secure file transfer to regulate, secure and organize data flows within an organisation and between organisations.

The DATAtransfer solution is a multi-protocol, multi-platform, multi-channel hub for peer-to-peer file transfer.

It moves files containing any type of data across multiple platforms, disparate file systems and disparate media.

It also provides extensive scheduling and automation and self-recovery features, which provide superior throughput and reliability.

In line with our ‘best of breed’ policy, the hosted data exchange is based on world class software solutions, and the service is rendered on the same principles as our well known SWIFT managed services i.e. highly secure and reliable. The solution takes away the pain of managing multiple connections to a client’s customers. It will enable them to send and receive files between your own- and your customers’ systems. In addition, the Trustlink service will take care of the translations.

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