The GreenID solution from Trustlink partner VIX Verify is our newest solution, and delivers a great user experience

We understand our clients need certainty in customer identity verification while creating positive customer experiences at the same time. And while it’s important you know your customers, meeting legislative requirements can be complex.


GreenID’s electronic verification platform allows you to verify identities against reliable, trustworthy, government and independent data sources in real-time.  This enables customers to enjoy an easy on boarding experience so that they can start transacting with them immediately.

We make this possible by securely capturing relevant customer details through a range of online forms, document scanning, biometric capture, document upload and manual data entry.


Customers’ details are thoroughly checked to ensure documents are authentic, photo ID is genuine, personal data is valid and not known for fraudulent behaviour.

Importantly, any scanned or uploaded government issued identity documents are checked against global ID templates giving you assurance they are genuine and haven’t been tampered with. This reduces the risk of identity fraud and creates compliant accounts online.

Choice and security

GreenID provides a choice of seamless integration options including API, Web and mobile. Customers thus have the flexibility to decide which data sources they would like to implement, particularly when legislative obligations must be met.

Above all else, GreenID deploys a high level of security across all systems ensuring the safety of customer’s identity information and protection of their privacy. Green ID’s attention to detail that has earned trust with leading banks, credit unions, brokers, online gaming providers, telecommunications providers and government agencies.

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