The corporate cash management gateway for multiple banking environments

Paylink provides corporate treasuries with a single point of access into multiple banking systems through a web interface. It delivers a single front-end system that communicates seamlessly with both local and global banking systems on the SWIFT network, and integrates back‐end systems to enable simplified management and handling of accounts.

Using Paylink, organisations need only have a single password and account to handle transactions across various banks and systems, simplifying banking and cash management for multi-banked and multinational corporates, and allowing them to improve control and visibility of liquidity, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.

When SWIFT messaging was introduced in 2003 it opened up the possibility for a single message standard and channel between corporates and their banks, enabling the effective integration of back office- and bank payment systems. In addition, SWIFT messaging meant that bank statements, payments and/or collections could all be processed using a single international standard.

Modern treasury operations are challenged to make accurate management information available quickly, and to combine data from different sources and make it available accurately in different formats, without manual intervention. Paylink can deal with many‐to‐many format translations, file enrichment, file syntax validation, file contents validation etc. It also has the ability to communicate via multiple communication protocols.

Paylink operates seamlessly on the Trustlink managed services platform, obviating the need for clients to move to a new technical environment. The Trustlink managed services platform also includes the highly regarded and reliable SWIFT managed services, the benefits of which are enjoyed by over 80 corporates and banks, with a track record of availability of over 99%.

Paylink can meet most message formats used today. The solution can also be scaled to meet all volume growth as well as the changing requirements of the business. This means that all complexities associated with handling format conversions, translations, enrichment and routing are managed and maintained centrally through the Paylink solution.

Benefits and features

  • Full, single audit trail for all banking transactions.
  • Single technical communication channel for transactions in multiple banking environments.
  • Trustlink is responsible for the technical interface and 
integration requirements with the banks.
  • Corporate control for the cash management envi
ronment at a single point for:
    • Authorised users and their rights, limits etc.
    • Define different usage rights for different business units
    • Workflow customisation.

Main functionality provided by the specially developed GUI includes:

  • Creation of ad‐hoc payments.
  • Management of bulk payments.
  • Management of direct debit collections.
  • End of day bank statement reporting.
  • Intraday bank statement reporting.
  • Visibility of progress of payment instructions.
  • User administration.
  • Operational management.

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