Strate engages and connects with its stakeholders through various means, including the social media arena. With over 500 million ‘users’ on Twitter and 150 million members on LinkedIn, there is a growing emphasis on digital communication.


Strate’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles (entitled Strateltd) provide up-to-date information about the financial markets and CSDs internationally. This includes industry groups, such as the Tri-Party Collateral Management Group on LinkedIn, which shares the latest news articles on this topic.


What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is referred to as the business version of Facebook where business people can connect with one another to engage on research topics and information, including industry whitepapers, corporate events and thought leadership articles. Like Facebook, users may ‘connect’ to likeminded businesses and people as your profile is linked to your CV and career information.


What is Twitter?

Twitter is a platform that allows users to share messages of 140 characters (letters, spaces, punctuation marks and the like) as well as pictures and videos with followers. This is called micro-blogging and on Twitter, you can choose to follow a person or entity to get real-time news and information as it happens. Twitter has become extremely popular as a way to keep abreast of information or find interesting articles and research. You can follow any person or entity on Twitter and not require their approval as the information is public.


Last year, Facebook had over 750 million active users with online profiles used to share status updates, photos, their whereabouts and other information with friends. Users can search for other people online and connect to friends, family, colleagues and businesses (which will need to be accepted by the other party to confirm the connection in most instances).


Strate looks forward to engaging with our stakeholders on their platforms, which can be found at and respectively.


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