In October, employees who form part of Strate’s 2012 Mentorship Programme purchased 150 trees in the Eastern Cape to create a Strate Forest for National Arbour Week, with the help of CarbonWorx South Africa.


The CarbonWorx Initiative

This initiative focuses on specifically rebuilding ecosystems with forest projects to help reverse global warming by planting trees in strategically targeted areas that lack forests. Current areas identified in the Eastern Cape are Ngqungqu, Thungwana, Mahlamvu, Zanci, Mahlungulu, Nganaseni and Mgomanzi.


Strate chose to plant a number of 6-litre trees that are greater than the number of people it employs, such as the Common Hook Thorn, Milkwood Tree or Forest Mahogony Tree. This will not only restore local ecosystems, but also make the planet a better place to live for future generations.


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