Over seven years ago, Strate embarked on a process to “define its DNA” through a consulting company called Bluprints.


Strate was able to identify 14 principles that added value to the business (have to haves) and 14 principles that detracted value from the business (can’t afford to haves).


These principles were then converted into iconographic forms and displayed as artwork at Strate’s offices. These icons are also set into a weighted mathematical formula, which is measured on a half-yearly basis by Bluprints based on input from all employees.


Strate’s DNA scoring topping the tables

Bluprints recently benchmarked Strate against a number of its other clients and determined that Strate has repeatedly scored the highest results over the past seven years.


This is a huge accolade for Strate as we have been benchmarked against a number of local and multinational companies. The Bluprints DNA Formula truly represents Strate’s culture and values as an organisation and we are performing well against our own high standards and criteria,” says Monica Singer, Strate’s CEO.


To view Strate’s DNA formula click here, or visit www.strate.co.za


Strate’s DNA – Top Line Principles


 Strate’s DNA – Bottom Line Principles




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