Less than six months after announcing Strate’s commitment to the pilot phase of the International Integrated Reporting Council’s (IIRC’s) programme, Strate has published its Integrated Report for the 2012 reporting period.

Benchmarking Strate’s 2012 Integrated Report


Hannes van Eeden, Strate’s Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary, says that Strate has approached its 2012 Integrated Report with the view to build on the previous edition and benchmark the report against best practice, including those defined by the IIRC’s programme. “The preparation of the Integrated Report is a journey that strives to improve each year on the previous year’s report.”


The pilot programme, which forms part of the IIRC’s innovation hub, promotes and facilitates the evolution of corporate reporting. It aims to encourage businesses to adopt Integrated Reporting, which is supported by institutional investors, regulators and standard setters.


In addition, the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) has called for the G-20 countries to support the IIRC’s development of the Framework.


Strate has always identified and highlighted the need for greater transparency and quality information, which we have endeavoured to achieve. Last year, Strate announced that there are over 80 organisations involved in the development of a technical framework for Integrated Reporting. With the world moving forward in this regard, our intention is to be at the forefront of international Integrated Reporting standards and enhance our feedback to stakeholders,” says van Eeden.”


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