Strate is pleased to announce that it is strengthening its Issuer Relationship Management team. It has employed Thato Moja as an Issuer Relationship Manager within the current Stakeholder Relations team.


Leigh Bevis, Head of Stakeholder Relations at Strate, has welcomed the appointment:

There is a continued focus within Strate to improve stakeholder relationships and enhance our services to issuers, which has underpinned the decision to appoint another Issuer Relationship Manager. We are continuously striving to improve service levels and look forward to working closely with our issuers.”


Stakeholder engagement is an integral philosophy within Strate. It provides us with key insights into our stakeholder needs. Since the appointment of Strate’s dedicated Issuer Relationship Managers, many one-on-one relationship meetings have taken place with both equities and bonds issuers where we have listened to their concerns together with compliments.


Strate’s Issuer Relationship Newsletter

To open the channels of communication, Strate created an Issuer Relationship Newsletter that can be viewed online here >>


In recent engagement with issuers, Strate was made aware of issuers’ growing need to communicate with their shareholders electronically. Consequently, Strate enhanced its equity issuer service for the Beneficiary Download (BND) to cater for email addresses on the excel file layout. This enhancement allows for Strate to provide email addresses to issuers on condition that a shareholder makes provision for this disclosure via their nominated service provider.


This enhancement enables issuers to communicate electronically with investors, thereby creating further efficiency in the communication protocols between issuer and investor. The BND, which is available directly from Strate, is produced as at the close of books every Friday and is usually available to issuers by the following Tuesday.


Strate’s Upcoming Workshops

In addition, a number of initiatives were implemented to further involve and assist the issuers. An inaugural issuer market forum took place in June in Johannesburg, allowing for meaningful discussion on market-related developments, such as investor education and the 100% dematerialisation of equities.


A further workshop has been scheduled for Cape Town in October.


Strate has also identified the growing need for issuers to be educated on the benefits of Strate and the role we play in the market. In an effort to achieve this, Strate has held a number of educational workshops which have addressed issues such as Corporate Actions, Dividends Tax, Protection of Personal Information Bill (PoPI), the Financial Markets Act and the BND to name a few.


These workshops have been well received by the issuers with more scheduled in the forthcoming months. To date, over 250 issuers have attended in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.


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