In 1945, the late Bishop Trevor Huddleston started soup kitchens in winter for hungry children in Alexandra and Soweto. Five years later, the first permanent feeding centre was established and the scheme was feeding 4000 children daily.


The African Children Feeding Scheme, a well-known community, education and feeding scheme, is one of the causes receiving donations annually from Strate Charity Shares (SCS).


The Strate Charity Shares’ Programme

To date, SCS had distributed over R2 million to a number of worthy causes. SCS is a long-established non-profit organisation charity donation programme.


With SCS, investors neatened up their portfolios by getting rid of small holdings of shares that are too costly to sell through a stockbroker. Sometimes, the value of these shares can be less than the costs of selling them through a broker. Disposal of the shares is thus frequently not practical, with the result that investors find their portfolios untidy and cumbersome.


The convenient SCS model allows and encourages investors to easily contribute small or large amounts of their shares to charity and eliminate the cost of conversion to an electronic record of ownership, which includes brokerage expenses.


The donation is also tax-deductible to the investor and lost share certificates and unclaimed dividends may also be donated to support charities, such as the African Children Feeding Scheme.


The African Children Feeding Scheme

During 2013, the African Children Feeding Scheme has been hard at work in its community. It has provided food gardening training for the community, enabling them to return home and create gardens to provide much-needed nutrients for entire families, and also generate a little extra income from the sale of any surplus veggies to neighbours.


It also provides free health services to the communities for diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure screening, vitamin A and de- worming tablets, Polio and measles vaccinations for children, TB screening and HIV testing and counselling.


This is the true essence of the scheme – to turn to health and education programmes that help poverty-stricken people become economically independent and improve the quality of life for so many people.


It is such initiatives that attract the interest of SCS – an initiative whereby investors are afforded the facility to donate their small holdings to a range of worthy causes.


For further details, contact the Strate Charity Shares toll free help line on 0800 202 363. If you are phoning outside South Africa, you may call +27 11 870 8207. SCS donations may be made through the investor’s stockbroker as well.

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