The first book to provide a comprehensive analysis of securities law at the transnational level has been published.
The book, titled ‘Transnational Securities Law’, identifies best-practice solutions that practitioners can apply pending formal harmonisation. It analyses the Geneva and Hague Securities Conventions highlighting gaps in the current legislation and identifying where improvements should be made.
The book focuses on private law, including substantive and conflict-of-law issues, as well as looking at recent regulatory developments. Each chapter assesses the current state of the law, and, for issues that have not yet been harmonised, presents possible ways to achieve greater synchronisation.
The Head of Strate’s Legal and Regulatory Division, Maria Vermaas, is one of many globally renowned academics and expert practitioners in the field to have contributed to the book. Transnational Securities Law will benefit practitioners in the field of securities law (including commercial and central bankers, custodians, their legal advisors and other financial market participants) who are interested in the current status of the law.


The book will also be of interest to policy makers and academics interested in both the current status of the law and future developments.
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