During May 2014, Strate attended the 17th biennial International Securities Services Association (ISSA) Symposium, the agenda of which focused on how the value chain has been responding to the regulatory challenges and the implications for the industry.


Some 80 senior delegates of custodian banks and financial market infrastructures took part in the event, which was held at the Wolfsberg Conference Centre in Ermatingen, Switzerland, with a total of 48 institutions from 26 countries present. Some of the key discussions that took place included the:


  • Adaptation of the business model to compliance demands;
  • Practical application of technology to solve regulatory challenges;
  • Infrastructural regulatory challenges (CPSS-IOSCO Principles 14 and 19); and
  • Collateral Management.


A detailed account of these discussions can be viewed by clicking here.

Moving forward, Strate will work with the ISSA to provide input on the topics discussed, either directly to the ISSA or through its association with the World Forum of CSDs (WFC).




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