Adapted from a media release issued by QualityLife Company


“Companies across Africa are experiencing the innovation and collaboration that talented female leaders are bringing to the workplace. We are currently in an exciting phase as the business world adapts to the impact that  these tech leaders bring to a range of industries. It’s time to come together to explore new ways of encouraging  innovation, diversity and collaboration as Africa continues its steady rise on the world stage.”


So says Debby Edelstein, CEO of QualityLife Company, organisers of the Wired Women Conference that took place in Johannesburg on 23 October, which Strate was once again proud to sponsor.


“After a long association with QualityLife, Strate was pleased to once again sponsor the Wired Women Conference. Events of this nature bring together businesswomen to discuss not only the future of technology but, more importantly, the ways in which we can bring more women into this growing industry,” says Monica Singer, CEO of Strate. 


Delegates to the fourth annual Wired Women Conference had the opportunity to hear first-hand insights from some of the top female and male technology and business leaders on the African continent. “We have recently seen a surge in mentorship by experienced tech leaders to the rising female stars on the continent. Women are talking about diversity, change and the impact they make in their organisations,” Edelstein says, adding that the conference connected more of the country’s rising female and male technology stars and unlocked new opportunities for collaboration and knowledge – sharing.


The one-day conference featured a range of keynote presentations and panel discussions with some of the most recognisable names in the technology field, including Enyonam Kumahor, regional managing director  of ThoughtWorks, which was nominated as Best African Company of 2013; Professor Barry Dwolatzky, director of the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering and Dr Miriam Altman, Head of Strategy at Telkom.


“Staying true to the vision of creating a platform for tomorrow’s rising stars, the conference also featured a number of up-and-coming female technology leaders who are making an impact in their organisations.”


Panel discussion themes at this year’s conference included: 

  • Creating a culture of innovation;
  • Tech Startup: Who Dares Wins; and
  • Best Tech tools for marketing your business and career.

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