To improve access to education for the financial markets, which includes both the local and the international community, Strate launched an online training portal, called Strate e-Tutor, on 29 October 2014.

“Education is one of the most important investments that can be made to secure a brighter future for a country  and its people. Similarly, an investment in people who want to learn about the financial markets provides numerous benefits for the economy, as it transfers knowledge and critical skills which contribute positively towards society,” says Leigh Bevis, Strate’s Head of Stakeholder Relations.

Strate Training is committed to educating individuals working in the capital markets and financial services industry by constantly keeping them up-to-date with legislative developments and market best practices. It is this commitment that has led to the introduction of Strate’s customised training programmes and the continuous development of its seminars. 

“Now with the launch of Strate e-Tutor, stakeholders have their training requirements at their fingertips, bringing up-to-date educational content straight to you via your computer, tablet or smartphone, 24/7,” explains Bevis.

The training tool will benefit people wanting to learn about the industry, providing them with information from the basic understanding of how it operates to more advanced content for those wanting to become compliance officers. To access the portal, visit

Should you wish to contact the team, email

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