The Liquidity Alliance is Now Able to Extend Collateral Management Services to Buy-side via 360T: The

  • Service enables the buy-side to trade triparty repos with banks on 360T platform as collateralised alternative to unsecured cash deposits.
  • Service already offered by Clearstream and 360T, will be made available to all members of The Liquidity Alliance
  • The collateral management of the triparty repos is done in a fully automated, white-labelled manner by The Liquidity Alliance.
  • The availability of the service in the markets of The Liquidity Alliance members will be subject to local regulatory conditions and demand from the buy-side.


The buy-side and non-financial institutions are increasingly seeking collateralised alternatives to unsecured cash deposits as they have a heightened counterparty and concentration risk awareness following the financial crisis. The current low interest rate environment is also making cash deposits less attractive.


Triparty repos are a safer alternative to unsecured cash deposits. An additional advantage of triparty repos for the buy-side is that they will be able to re-use the securities they received as collateral for other purposes such as central counterparty margining.


The Liquidity Alliance, including ASX (Australia), Cetip (Brazil), Clearstream (Luxemburg), Iberclear (Spain) and Strate (South Africa), will be able to meet this demand by giving the buy-side an option to collateralise triparty repos with banks through 360T, a platform for foreign exchange and money markets trading.


Buy-side customers will be able to trade triparty repos via the same 360T frontend they use for FX and other money market trades. After confirmation on the platform, all relevant data will automatically be routed straight through to the collateral service of the local member of The Liquidity Alliance, hence minimising the back-office burden and operational risks.


Mathew Kuppe, Managing Director, 360T Asia Pacific, commented: “360T already has buy-side customers in all domestic markets of members of The Liquidity Alliance. The Liquidity Alliance will now have the option to offer these customers the benefit of collateralised trading which was previously only available to financial institutions, via an integrated front end.”


360T has been in a partnership with Clearstream to offer triparty repo trading for banks and the buy-side via the Global Liquidity Hub since 2013. The acquisition of 360T in October 2015 by Deutsche Börse Group, of which Clearstream is a member, now enables Clearstream to extend its joint services with 360T to all members of The Liquidity Alliance in a white-labelled manner. The Liquidity Alliance members will independently review local regulatory conditions and demand from the buy-side for the service.


About The Liquidity Alliance


The Liquidity Alliance was formed in 2013 by five market infrastructures:


  • ASX, a financial infrastructure in Australia;
  • Cetip, a central securities depository specialising in OTC derivatives, in Brazil;
  • Clearstream, the German central securities depository and Luxembourg-based international central securities depository;
  • Iberclear, the central securities depository in Spain;
  • Strate, the central securities depository in South Africa.


Associated members of the Liquidity Alliance:


  • CDS, the central securities depository in Canada;
  • SGX, a financial infrastructure in Singapore;
  • VPS, the central securities depository in Norway.


The Liquidity Alliance is made up of financial market infrastructures which share and develop common collateral management solutions to address the growing global need for more collateral. They collaborate to create opportunities for their customers and for the wider industry while promoting best practices in liquidity and collateral management. The Liquidity Alliance encourages greater pan-industry cooperation through the promotion of expert insight and research as well as though conferences and events.



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