While the primary role of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is to make sure financial records of the company are in order, the role has evolved from the back-office functions of two decades ago. The rules of the game have changed for CFOs, reflecting the uncertain macro-economic landscape, increased regulatory requirements and overall environment in which companies operate.


Strate has always placed an emphasis on its values of trust, independence and transparency. Whether internal or external, Strate is in the business of selling trust as part of its important role in creating confidence in the markets it serves. The King Codes of Good Practice, and Integrated Reporting, are invaluable tools that the CFO uses to communicate the company’s value and building rapport with stakeholders.
Increasingly CFOs need to act as the perfect partner to the CEO. According to Deloitte, audit committees and the overall board want to see a CFO who effectively partners with the CEO and other key business leaders. “Although some CEOs and boards prefer their CFO to focus on the traditional roles of operator and steward, many look for support from the finance chief as a strategist and catalyst.”


Yes…never ending pressure to cut costs and revenue growth continue to keep these individuals awake at night; but now added to this daunting list can now include other areas of focus, such as talent management programmes…because even skills retention, employee wellbeing and training affect the bottom line. Once the domain of HR, practices and processes are now firmly on the CFO’s agenda.


Strate's new CFO, Ashnee Maharaj
Strate’s new CFO, Ashnee Maharaj

This is one of the reasons Strate has crafted the role to oversee both its finance and human resources functions. The company is pleased to announce it has found a candidate with the calibre and attitude it takes to oversee these functions, appointing its Chief Financial Officer, Ashnee Maharaj. She joins the company at an exciting time, where the company is pioneering new technologies while continuously improving its core business.


Having someone of Maharaj’s calibre further strengthens the executive management team. She joins Strate from Standard Bank Wealth Coverage, where she held the position of CFO. Prior to this, Maharaj successfully ran ASHMAH Consulting Financial Services, where her clients included some of the large JSE-listed financial services companies, as well as undertaking the CFO role at Momentum Asset Management.


Strate extends Ashnee a warm welcome.





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