Strate is embarking on a new journey that will enhance its service delivery to the market.  We have created two divisions within the company, CSD Operations and Fractal Solutions. The changes in the company’s structure are needed to support a new strategy that embraces disruptive technologies and continuous evolution of our core business.


Beverley Furman has been appointed as the Executive Director of CSD Operations and Tanya Knowles as the Executive Director of Fractal Solutions, both effective 1 August 2016. Monica Singer will continue at the helm as CEO of Strate (Pty) Ltd, ensuring that the two divisions co-exist and thrive for the current and future benefit of Strate and the South African financial markets. The other existing divisions will continue to service the whole company and also report to Monica Singer.


Beverley Furman will leave STRATE Supervision to her very capable successor, Beverley Muir, who has been managing the division alongside Beverley Furman for the past 12 years.


To view Monica’s official stakeholder communication, which describes the changes to Strate’s Executive Committee, click here.



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