Strate, will be launching its new brand and accompanying logos tomorrow, reflecting the evolution of the company and its new strategy.

A little over a month ago, we announced that Strate was embarking on a new journey, creating two divisions within the company, CSD Operations and Fractal Solutions. The changes in the company’s structure are needed to support a new strategy that embraces disruptive technologies and continuous evolution of Strate’s core business.

The new energy within the business required a fitting personality that captured the essence of pioneering technological innovation and evolving its core business, which resulted in a rejuvenation of the brand and a move away from the purple colours that Strate has worn for almost two decades.

Strate CEO, Monica Singer, says, “It has always been my intent to make a difference in South Africa, providing innovative solutions that truly bring benefits to the players in the financial markets. Strate has always sought technology that can make a difference, which is why the tagline of ‘Always Discovering’ couldn’t be more fitting.”

According to Singer, Strate wants to use its 18-year foundation of trust to continue building the strength and resilience of the core business, while driving growth opportunities and advanced technologies across new markets.  “It is an exciting time to be an employee of Strate, and this new brand and logo reflect our enthusiasm and focus on serving our customers and markets. The new look better represents where the company is today and embraces our vision for the future. I am glad we can share our journey with you and I am excited for what the future holds.”

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