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Sameera Dada, Chief Financial Officer and Director at Strate, shares her career insights

How did you find yourself on this career path?

I have been very deliberate in selecting the companies that I have worked for and the roles that I have accepted. Value creation and making a difference have been key drivers. During my articles at KPMG Durban, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to various industry sectors, and I found my interest and passion was for financial services – specifically the investment and savings industry. The complexity of the industry and importance of the capability intrigued me. At the end of the day, this industry manages the financial wellness of individuals… that’s a big deal. I knew I wanted to be part of that!

My past work experience focused on a risk management perspective. My move to Strate expanded on this, as I took a role at a company that supports and enables the savings industry through the provision of financial market infrastructure for South Africa. Being critical in driving the success of the business contributes to the overall stability of the financial market – that is massive and excites me.

What and who inspires you?

Inspiration is derived from what is important to you and what drives you. Being my personal best and continuously growing drives me. I also quickly grasp any opportunity where I can create value to the business or an individual. My parents are my biggest inspiration – they instilled a strong culture of hard work, humility and a passion for adventures and trying new things.

What advice would you give to women starting out their careers?

Always be open to new challenges and opportunities. This is when you learn and grow the most. Sometimes the true benefit is only realised years down the line, but you would be glad you did it.

What has been the most valuable skill you have ever learned? And how has this helped your career?

I attribute by career journey so far to consistent hard work, building meaningful relationships and always having a willingness to learn something new.

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