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Gregory Naicker Appointed Vice Chair of SWIFT Users of South Africa (SUSA)

Gregory Naicker, Head of CSD Services for Strate, was nominated and appointed as Vice Chair of SWIFT Users of South Africa (SUSA), a voluntary association of SWIFT users in South Africa, effective 01 May 2021.

SUSA is responsible for promoting the use of SWIFT and serves members by representing their interests to government, regulators and other local or international associations.

Strate’s long-standing involvement with SWIFT dates back to 1999 when it became the first financial market infrastructure globally to use ISO 15022 standards and SWIFT as the messaging layer.

South Africa was the first country in the world to use ISO 20022 standards in the local payment’s environment through the corporate connectivity project for credit transfers and direct debits that started in 2007.

Strate is proud to continue its involvement with SWIFT, and with Gregory Naicker as Vice Chair, continue serving the financial market and supporting the important role of secure financial messaging.

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