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Strate’s e‐Voting platform welcomes Legacy Africa Fund Managers

We are delighted to announce that Strate’s e‐Voting platform has reached another significant milestone: the operationalisation of Legacy Africa Fund Managers to process its voting instructions. This aligns to our purpose of serving the South African financial markets through collaborating with the market to enable efficiencies in shareholder voting.

We would like to thank Nedbank, Rand Merchant Bank and Standard Bank for the vital and ongoing collaborative role they have played in driving the successful operationalisation of their client.

We look forward to enabling Legacy onto our platform.

Godwin Sepeng, Managing Director, Legacy Africa Fund Managers, says: “Legacy Africa Fund Managers would like to thank Strate and our CSD partners for facilitating our seamless migration onto the e-Voting platform. We are delighted at the prospect of a new relationship with Strate, while we remain grateful to our CSD partners for the voting service they previously provided.

“Among the many advantages of migrating to a streamlined, end-to-end online platform is that it will enable us to improve our corporate governance responsibilities to clients (as mandated by our proxy voting guidelines and ESG policy), as well as equip us to report, maintain records and have oversight of our proxies in a more granular fashion.”

Strate e-Voting is a revolutionary, secure, web-based application used to manage shareholder meetings for South African and foreign-listed issuers. The platform provides a fully digitised experience that seamlessly connects issuers and investors, increasing transparency and efficiencies across the value chain.

Other benefits include:

  • Real-time voting from any location
  • Ability for voters to change their vote at any time before meeting close
  • Ability for voters to direct questions to the meeting chairperson
  • No manual intervention at any stage in the value chain
  • Improved corporate governance through interactive, audited reports
  • Data security using blockchain technology
  • A true end-to-end solution

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