Strate has published its 2016 Integrated Report

Strate has published its annual integrated report for the 2016 financial year end.


Not only can you learn about Strate’s operating environment and performance highlights, there are a range of infographics and a wealth of information about the history of the company, as well as the current value it creates for its clients, the community and other stakeholders.


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Strate: A Pioneer of Exchange-of-Value Settlement Solutions

All too often, good infrastructure goes unnoticed. This is probably one of the reasons why few South Africans know and understand the country’s Central Securities Depository, Strate, however, without it, investors would shy away from South Africa.
Prior to the implementation of Strate in 1999, SA was categorised as one of the worst emerging markets in terms of operational and settlement risk. Trading volumes on the stock exchange were averaging 4,000 trades daily, very thin when this is compared to the 350 000 on average during a month today.

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Strate wins Integrated Reporting Award

South African Central Securities Depository (CSD), Strate, has won the category for unlisted companies in the Integrated Reporting awards hosted by Institute for Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa in partnership with the JSE Limited. The 2015 ceremony took place on 11 November 2015 at Montecasino in Fourways, Johannesburg.


According to Strate’s Chief Financial Officer, Hannes van Eeden, the accolade re-enforces Strate strategic objectives and values. “Strate prides itself on benchmarking its activities against international best practice. The reports from all entrants were judged across a broad range of criteria based on the International Integrated Reporting Council’s Framework, proving that Strate is once again a proudly South African company that operates at the highest levels of governance, standards and excellence,” van Eeden explains.


The International Integrated Reporting Council has stated that there is a “growing realisation that investors need better quality information” from businesses. Van Eeden adds, “Having a more transparent disclosure and communication with all stakeholders allows companies to evolve from the traditional reports on financial statements to holistic informative reporting and communication. Strate will continue to approach its Integrated Reports with the view to build on the previous editions and benchmark future reports against best practice.”


Strate would like to congratulate the winners of all other categories, as well as all companies that tell their integrated story by thinking holistically about their strategy and plans, building investor and stakeholder confidence.


The Annual Report Awards have been rewarding excellence in corporate reporting since 1956.  The Institute pioneered these types of awards, which have become more widespread in recent years. The primary objective of the Awards is to encourage accurate and transparent financial reporting and full disclosure of all relevant information to stakeholders.


The following categories applied to the 2015 CSSA and JSE Integrated Reporting awards:


Categories for awards:

JSE categories:

  • Top 40
  • Mid Cap;
  • Small Cap;
  • Fledgling; and
  • Alt-X.

Non-JSE entries:

  • Regional Companies (i.e. outside South Africa);
  • State-owned Companies;
  • Public Sector;
  • NGOs; and
  • Unlisted.

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