PAYLink Commercial

No matter what business you are in, you can use PAYLink Commercial to improve your efficiency and lower your costs.  Wholesalers, retailers, service providers, government entities, NGOs, educational institutions, religious organisations, charities, clubs, etc., can benefit from PAYLink Commercial in numerous ways. Including using PAYLink Commercial as a white label product.

Money received is visible and immediately available

When someone says that he has paid you, it sometimes takes a day or two for you to see the money in your bank account.   Even if you've received a proof of payment it doesn't mean that the money is in your account and available to spend. 

With PAYLink Individual you are notified of all payments made into your CHIPS account and the money is available immediately for you to use.

Features for organisations and commercial entities:
  • A single payment collection destination for all payments made to your organisation or business, including CHIPS, mobile, instant EFT, and card payments
  • Create payment requests (single or in bulk) and distributes the requests to your customers
  • Pay wages/salaries to your staff (single or in bulk)
  • Pay suppliers and service providers (single or in bulk)
  • Make immediate transfers to the organisation’s bank accounts
  • Enable cash on delivery
  • Improve liquidity utilisation due to incoming funds being applied to your account immediately on receipt, thereby eliminating clearing delays applicable in traditional payments systems
  • Invite customers, suppliers, employees, etc. to join CHIPS (single or in bulk)
  • Export data in Excel or CSV format
  • Manage your staff's access to system functions as well as their authorisation level