Automates payment processing and capital market transactions, while simultaneously reducing error rates

STPlink has helped organisations achieve a 50 percent or higher reduction in payment transaction errors through its payment automation capabilities.

STPLink also significantly reduces the time required to prepare and process a payment transaction, ensuring that the beneficiary bank receives the payment without the risk of technical rejections. Payment instructions are also created as quickly as possible.

STPLink smoothes the process associated with assimilating the annual changes to the SWIFT standards, via a simple software upgrade, which contains all the necessary amendments. This means less mistakes and delays in sending out payment transactions during the assimilation process as well as changes to current procedures.

Every payment transaction error costs money either through rework, penalties, loss of interest received, or risks associated with delayed payments.

The built-in validation and exception handling rules for payment instructions, which STPLink provides, gives our clients the peace of mind to know hat payment transactions will be processed accurately within the correct parameters.

STPLink is not restricted to SWIFT messaging only but can integrate internal systems as well. This means payment messages can be formalised and routed for different payment streams and standards, such as RTGS, EFT and regional payment systems.

STPLink’s payment confirmations functionality ensures that liquidity can be managed and payments will be released when funds are available in different accounts.

Benefits and features
  • STPLink is built on a SWIFT certified, internationally-recognised integration solutions platform, which will meet all the message formats commonly used today.
  • STPLink supports multiple operating system platforms, multiple delivery channels and communication protocols, including file transfer protocols such as Connect:Direct, FTP and SFTP, messaging middle‐ware (MQSeries), Internet protocols (HTTPS) and industry service protocols (SWIFTNet).
  • STPLink supports out of the box application adaptors for direct integration with other applications.
  • STPLink has advanced functionality available such as content-based message routing, data mapping, and business process rules.
  • STPLink’s advanced functionality makes it easy for example to adapt or introduce new standards, ensure that payment transactions are processed in accordance with existing business rules, validate the content of the payment messages and enrich the content of payment messages.
  • STPLink has the functionality to bulk transactions into files or de‐bulk files into transactions.
  • STPLink provides comprehensive audit trails of all transactions and associated processes.
  • STPLink simplifies reconciliations.
  • STPLink is flexible enough to adapt to changes in business processes or data standards.
  • STPLink is scalable to stay aligned with business growth, i.e. in terms of volumes, a number of entities or communication channels which need to communicate to.
  • STPLink eases the monitoring of payment transactions.
  • STPLink raises alerts for specific critical conditions that require immediate attention.

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