Collateral Management Conference 2013

Strate’s Collateral Management Project is on track to be implemented with Clearstream on 16-18 November 2013. The Clearstream technology, through sophisticated algorithms, automatically manages bilateral eligibility criteria for collateral, allocates the cheapest securities to deliver against open exposures and thus provides regular intra-day collateral optimisation, where possible. In addition, collateral top-ups and returns, cash margin calls, automatic substitutions as well as tracking of collateral placed and received are stand-out features of this world class solution for the South African market.


Strate is presenting a number of market workshops to continue educating stakeholders about Strate Collateral Management Services and its benefits. These benefits include meeting the growing need for the greater use of collateral for financial transactions in South Africa stemming from pending regulatory changes such as Basel III, Solvency II and the G-20 requirements for central clearing of standardised over-the-counter derivatives and improve the tracking and efficient use of collateral.


Collateral Management Conference on 31 October 2013

Strate, in conjunction with Clearstream, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bourse, will also be hosting an inaugural Collateral Management Conference on 31 October 2013 in Johannesburg to explore the different views on the impact the changing regulatory landscape will have on collateral management and the effects on the South African market. To RSVP, email


Should you require more details regarding the Collateral Management Project, please contact the Collateral Management team: or via 011 759 5434.