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Hosted Services

Hosted solutions and
enabling services

Trustlink operates the leading Hosted Service Bureau in Africa ordering cloud-based facilities to more than 90 customers in 20
countries. The service bureau provides both hosted and managed solutions and services and is regarded as a leading SWIFT
service bureau globally. These include:

SWIFT Bureau

This is a comprehensive portfolio of SWIFT software products ordered to subscribers on a shared licensing model. They then
select the items that they wish to use from a menu of software products and services. This is a cost-effective solution providing
reliable connectivity to the SWIFT network and services.

SWIFT is the universally standardized network for international transfers, financial market transactions, RTGS payments and interbank payments.

Trustlink started its SWIFT Service Bureau in 2002, ordering cloud-based facilities to customers in 20 countries across Africa. Our SWIFT bureau is certified under the SWIFT Terms and Conditions of the Shared Infrastructure Programme (SIP) and as such we
provide you with a secure, uninterrupted, and cost-effective payments service.

Translation Services

This is a subscription-based translation service designed to enhance our customers’ SWIFT service enabling them to attain
complete STP (straight-through processing) at their institution. This solution is ideally suited for customers who have a
back-office system generating payments, which are not in a native SWIFT format and must be captured manually on SWIFT

Transaction Filtering Services

This is a hosted anti-money laundering message filtering solution. Through the SWIFT Alliance Connector, Trustlink ensures
real-time filtering of both incoming and outgoing SWIFT messages. Suspicious messages are thus immediately prevented from
entering the SWIFT network. Customers/operators access a GUI via their workstation Web Browser.


A multi-solution platform that processes and reports on the events that transpire during the settlement of a financial transaction providing real-time updates directly within a bank’s core system through seamless and secure API connectors.

It addresses back-office operational needs, message monitoring and GPI compliance requirements for SWIFT, ultimately enabling bank corporate customers to settle transactions in real-time, more transparently and within a digitally transformed banking environment.


• Search & archive
• Internal alert & external notification
• Regulatory reports
• Automatic message matching
• Correspondent fee calculation
• Claims Management
• Transaction posting
• Message mapping & routing
• GPI monitoring & generation + Universal Confirmations

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