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Trusted for over 20 years

Strate acquired the Trustlink SWIFT Bureau services business offered in South Africa and the rest of Africa with effect from 1 January 2023. Trustlink has been trusted for over 20 years to provide secure messaging solutions to financial markets across Africa.

Recognised locally and internationally as a financial market infrastructure (FMI), Strate has been a key component of the financial market ecosystem for over 25 years, responsible for delivering services critical to the smooth functioning of the South African financial market.

As South Africa’s principal central securities depository and central collateral platform, Strate serves the financial market through the safekeeping of the legal, digital record of securities ownership, enabled through registry, settlement and asset services, and through facilitating the reuse of securities for the benefit of the South African economy.

Strate’s role in the market necessitates intra-connectivity with all market participants. Strate’s Integration Services business, which includes Trustlink, is considered the backbone of our operations and is essential to enable secure market integration, open market access and interoperability within the financial market ecosystem.

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