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Welcome to the Afriverse

A pan-African universe that connects the continent via a world-class network that Africans can be proud of.

Welcome to the Afriverse

A pan-African universe that connects the continent via a world-class network that Africans can be proud of.

The Afriverse is a network for clients to send ISO-related financial information via a secure, trusted channel.

Designed and developed based on Africa’s unique needs, the Afriverse supports economic growth and sustainability across the continent.

The low-cost network facilitates the flow of financial information between clients and their respective transacting parties, to ensure that payments are effected accurately, mitigating the risk of transaction defaults.

As a cost-effective network solution, based in Africa and tailored to Africa’s needs, the Afriverse aims to facilitate the financial inclusion of the continent’s large unbanked population.

The network provides an accessible and affordable alternative to current financial networks, thereby enabling African economic integration.

Afriverse services

The Afriverse offers world-class security and efficiencies in a trusted network. This includes:

Impersonation check

To ensure you are interacting with the correct correspondent

Duplicate check

Based on the message content in the header, content and footer

Connectivity management

Communication is enabled by an electronic handshake between transacting parties

Message format analysis

Ensure correctness of the message format Alignment to message standards

Front-end enablement showing the message status

View the status of message checks performed

Access to modern technology

The Afriverse is built on modern technology and does not use any legacy applications or software.

This enables the network to authenticate and process messages faster, leading to quicker settlement times at a cost saving that is passed on to our clients.

Enhanced security

The Afriverse adopts robust security measures through the use of advanced encryption technologies and controls.

An auditable record of transactions is readily available to provide transparency, mitigating the risk of unauthorised or fraudulent payments.

Promotes investment

The Afriverse facilitates efficient, secure and cost-effective transaction flows, which supports investment in Africa, thereby promoting economic growth across the continent. Increased investment can strengthen economies and stimulate job creation.

The Afriverse has the potential to transform Africa’s financial landscape by creating opportunities for individuals, businesses and governments across Africa. The network empowers African nations to take control of their financial systems, improving economic independence and ensuring sustainable development.

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