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Strate acquires Trustlink SWIFT Bureau services business

Strate has acquired the Trustlink SWIFT Bureau services business offered in South Africa and the rest of Africa. The transaction came into effect on 1 January 2023, following an extensive process, including acquiring approval from the Competition Commission.

Building on our commitment to serve the South African financial market, the transaction will enhance and complement Strate’s Integration Services business, enabling us to leverage scale and efficiencies to the benefit of all our clients. The transaction will lead to growth in message volumes and add scale to the fixed infrastructure that we already have in place for our SWIFT bureau services, allowing future cost containment for our clients.

Trustlink will benefit from the association with a strong, trusted and neutral brand, that will enable the bolstering of sales activity locally. In addition, there is the potential to discover growth opportunities in the rest of Africa through partnerships with Strate’s banking shareholders, to create secure and efficient communication networks. There is also the opportunity to provide an alternative, cost-effective private network framework to Trustlink’s existing and future clients.   

This is exciting news for both Strate and Trustlink, as the acquisition will strengthen both businesses and create mutually beneficial opportunities that will ultimately benefit our clients.

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